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Mykonos Rocky Villa

Mykonos Rocky Villa

This villa is situated in an independent complex, composed of 4 detached houses. By entering the site, the visitor can see, the surrounding area composed of an array of rocks and at intervals sculptures surrounded by cactus-like plants. The house is oriented towards the South, which protects it from the strong winds, and gives the visitor the opportunity to admire through the windows, pieces of art with the theme of “reactions of nature in the course of time”. The earthly elements and the notably luxury objects are harmonious with the modern furniture and combined with the white and cement mortar, the house is given a unique perspective. The entrance is dominated by the salon and the dining room, as well one of the house bathrooms. On the veranda, a comfortable living room awaits you, and the exterior rocky staircase, decorated with rocks and plants on its side, leads to the level of the swimming pool, which is also accessible from the bedrooms. The lower area consists of two master bedrooms. The first bathroom is located in a white rock, where no photograph can capture its real look. The living room in the exterior area of the pool with the impressive wooden table and the comfortable sunbeds offer moments of relaxation, enjoyng the boundless blue of nature. Ideal for a small-membered family who is looking for something beyond accommondation of five stars!

Distance to airport 4,8 km

Distance to Super Market 4,8 km

Distance to city of Mykonos 5,1 km