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Target Audience

The product is targeted to individuals who are property owners (villas, vacation houses and apartments) and who wish to obtain extra income from their property but not to deal with their physical presence in this field, either because:

  • do not have the time,
  • their physical presence in the region of the service property is not feasible,
  • their primary occupation does not allow it,
  • unwilling to devote time to it,
  • do not wish to appear in this form of activity.

Indicative owners are: Non-resident property owners, landlords whose place of residence is different from the one of the rental property, entrepreneurs, busy workers in other professional environments, employees in private and public domain with practically no available time for free lancing services etc.

Eligible Properties

Following with the regulations contained in Article 46 of the Law on Tourism 4179, new arrangements are introduced for self-catering accommodation (furnished tourist villas and houses). The most important of these are summarized as follows: Licensing self-catering accommodation (furnished tourist villas and residences) by GNTO (Greek National Tourism Organization) occurs in one phase, without the requirement of “land feasibility approval” and architectural design approval. – Furnished tourist accommodation villas are defined as

  1. Independent residencies,
  2. with area of ​​at least 100 square meters,
  3. which have independent and private external access,
  4. and exhibit clearly independent deeds for land and building property,
  5. are not main hotel tourist accommodation subdivisions,
  6. Their rental fee does not include any supplementary services.

– Furnished tourist accommodation residencies are defined as

  1. Independent residencies,
  2. with area of ​​less than 100 square meters,

Upon your request we can undertake all the procedure for the licensing certification of your property within 25 to 30 days.


  1. Extra Income initiation without any incorporated expenses and personal involvement.
  2. Coverage of the financial obligations of the property. The property’s income itself covers at least its’ yearly expenses and in addition to that produces income. The profit percentage depends on the Owner’s will who determines the property’s commercial operation period.
  3. Ready to use upon your vacation arrival Each year, property owners dedicate the first days of their valuable vacation time to restore their property (cleaning, gardening etc.) to an acceptable settling condition. By the decision of commercial operation the property is always in perfect condition from the first day, providing to the owners the full 100% of their precious vacation days.
  4. Functional maintenance of property due to utilization. It is commonly known that a property being in use is preserved better than one that is abandoned for a great period of time.
  5. Seasonal maintenance Properties oriented to touristic operation must be preserved in very good condition (appearance operational

The two last interventions create the motive of Increased and Sustainable Value of your property. The consistent maintenance of the property in high standards creates a competitive advantage compared to relevant properties in the market whose maintenance is inadequate or trivial. A well maintained property always has an increased market price and it is highly competitive and attractive in the real estate market.