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About Us

Our team consists of experienced staff members that come from various business domains contributing each one to a thorough well designed package of services. The diversity of the accumulated experience originated from Film and Event production Management to Engineering Services, Facility Management and most significantly from exclusive level vacation and travelling experiences assures the high quality product and the verified ability to provide high level professional services to Owners protecting their properties as well as to Occupants providing on the other side high quality accommodation and vacation services making their experience memorable.

The scope of “Elegant Blue Villa” is to provide the following services

Booking Coordination and Accommodation services. Booking log management and accommodation services towards tenants eager to enjoy the exclusive vacation residencies quality service. Clients are negotiating directly with us and not with 3rd party agents. We as well have personal perspective of all the promoted villas with the intention of validating the prescribed quality.

Rental Promotion of Luxury Villas of third party Owners.For owners who desire to achieve additional revenue from their property by investing in vacationer accommodation and leisure services. The promoted villas presented in this site are certified by the Elegant Blue Villas team as to comply with the outstanding quality standards which can only support the exceptional quality services anticipated by our valuable clients.

Facility Management Services